Pär Grindvik: „Electronic music with heart and emotion” [interviu exclusiv]

Pentru că Pär Grindvik este unul dintre principalii invitați ai ediția din 2011 a festivalului Delahoya, am considerat că e un moment bun să-i cerem să ne răspundă la câteva întrebări legate de întreaga sa experiență ca DJ și producător.


techno.ro: Please tell us what are the basic principles behind Pär Grinvik’s music.

P.G. Electronic music with heart and emotion.


techno.ro: What motivated you in becoming a dj?

P.G. My huge passion for music and records.


techno.ro: How did your personal experience in life influenced your music?

P.G. I don’t think it’s possible to make music without being affected by your everyday life. But I’ve been studying and working with music all my life and I guess that my knowledge and experience influenced my way of working.


techno.ro: What makes you truly proud of your work?

P.G. When I see other people get emotional with my music or when an artist I’ve been pushing, get self confidence and reaches his/her goals.


techno.ro: Who would you say is the artist that influenced you the most over your career?

P.G. That’s a hard one, there are plenty of them.. and it runs in circles.  None mentioned, none forgotten.


techno.ro: Which are the general rules that you follow when you produce music, regardless of the name under which you work?

P.G. The only rule I have is that I won´t finish anything I´m not feeling attached to.


techno.ro: What are the guidelines that you follow when playing music in front of large crowds?

P.G. I try to give them a piece of me, I try to read the crowd – what I think they expect from me and then I form my performance from that.


techno.ro: Where is you favourite place to play music and why?

P.G. There are so many places that I enjoy playing at. Everything from big clubs and festivals to small intimate parties – with just people I know.


techno.ro: Is there an artist with whom you really want to play but didn’t have the chance yet?

P.G. Not really, but I have some friends that are excellent dj’s but not doing it professionally, whom I wish I could bring along on some gigs of mine.


techno.ro: What would you advise a dj not to do when playing music?

P.G. Destroy the structure of the music with cheap sounding effects.. Nothing worse than a dj who cuts the bass to often.


techno.ro: Any producing tips for those novice producers out there?

P.G. Learn your instruments, work on low volumes and practice.


techno.ro: What would you like to see in the electronic scene in the years to come?

P.G. Diversity and less trends, there is room for everything… no need for everyone to do the same thing.

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