Marko Nastic [interviu]

Pe 18 martie clubul Midi din Cluj-Napoca îl va găzdui pe Marko Nastic într-o petrecere organizată de Skills Rec. Am decis să profităm de această ocazie și să-i adresăm artistului câteva întrebări mai neobișnuite, într-un interviu în exclusivitate.

„Dream gig will definitely be me surrounded only with girls…… probably some lesbian club ahahhah”

Marko Nastic As a child, did you use to dream about being a famous dj / producer?

Marko Nastic: Honestly I dreamed that I play music, I think to me it was most important and somehow it was all the easier in that time! Collecting records was something like magic What is the difference between what you used to dream about and what you accomplished in real life?

Marko Nastic: So what can I say, I’m old it’s a fact and I can say that I have experienced many things and lived through them. Have you ever thought that you could inspire children to get into music the same way you got inspired to do it?

Marko Nastic: Definitely it is the energy that you get to give! What was you first experience with electronic music and what was it like?

Marko Nastic: Early childhood was amazing , I was surrounded by records and music equipment, the brother of my father was a DJ since the era of disco music! We are still exchanging the music and sharing  our experience. I loved that period ,but also i think love it more now when I am grown up! Was there ever a moment in your career which you would change if you could turn back the time?

Marko Nastic: No, I just remember good times! Is there a place were you always wished to play music, but you didn`t get invited to?

Marko Nastic: Well of-course there are places I would really  like to play, like Warung in Brazil In the same ideea, is there a dj with whom you wanted to play music with, but you didn` have the chance yet?

Marko Nastic: Well I stopped thinking about that when I was really young, I always love to play with somebody I never played with before! Which is the most beautiful moment in your dj career so far?

Marko Nastic: For me its not just a  gig or a good tour, it’s the people the atmosphere like first time I played in Brazil famous circuito party in that time Can you describe your dream gig?

Marko Nastic: Dream gig will definitely be me surrounded only with girls…… probably some lesbian club ahahhah If your music were an animal, what would it be and why?

Marko Nastic: Cat ( love them ) What are you doing when you are not involved with music?

Marko Nastic: Family + sport What is the next big thing in your life?

Marko Nastic: Having family on my own.


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