The Advent – Interviu

Cei de la SocialEyes Parties au reușit să fure un interviu foarte bun lui The Advent, înaintea gig-ului său din 5 noiembrie la Corsica Studios. Urmăriți-l într-o discuție despre începuturile carierei sale, scena muzicală de astăzi, precum și despre ambițiile și inspirațiile sale.

Q: As a true ambassador for techno what is your opinion of the techno scene in 2010?

A: MMMM, good Question! I think techno as it’s true pure form, for me has been diluted into to many sub genre’s which is a shame, I hear a lot more known djs & artists playing deeper „tech house” rather than the more pumping techno from the past, which for me is lacking in the energy that techno originally brought to the club, of course it depends on the artist & release. Some new artists are maintaining that energy that I personally call techno, like Legotech. Sash Carassi, Spirakos & Steen, Len Faki & Audio Injection to name a few, so there are a few that I am into and would play their music, but most of the other known artists & labels I’m not really into these days. Hopefully in 2011 that energy „wake up call” will return back into techno.