Richie Hawtin și cele 7 întrebări

Cei de la i-au adresat 7 întrebări lui Richie Hawtin, într-un pseudo-interviu care se concentrează, în mare, pe orientarea canadiană a artistului. 


As of lately, you manage to pay Montreal a visit at least once a year. What is it about this city that makes you want to return?

Well first off, it’s always a pleasure visiting any Canadian city, but I definitely have a bit more connection to Montreal than others.  Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time and had some amazing experiences in Montreal, not only gigging but just walking around the city, hanging out with friends etc.  As we all know, Montreal has a beautiful and unique mix of Canadian and European sensibilities and that’s always been an attraction for me.  Honestly, at one point everyone in the early Minus offices in Windsor talked deeply about moving the whole operations to Montreal… although the winters did turn us off a bit!  Another reason to come back to the city as often as possible (I wished it was more often) is connection I have with the people due to a (now) long history of gigs and music. Sona, Playground, FCMM, Mutek, Dis & Dat (amazing early Rave party), Narod Niki, Plastikman, in a city with a culture of music and after hours…. To me Montreal has and continues to be a focal point in the world of Electronic Music in North America.

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