Cristian Vogel [interviu]

Cum e sâmbătă și este timp liber, vă semnalăm un interviu foarte interesant realizat de Joe Muggs legendei techno Christian Vogel. Un pic cam lung dar vă asigurăm că merită citit literă cu literă.

OK Cris, can we start with a brief summation of where you are at creatively right now?

Probably not that briefly, but I’ll try. So, let’s see… I put my first record out, if you don’t count a white label I did myself, my first commercially available release was that Magnetic North one and that was nineteen ninety… three. I’d done cassette releases before that, my tape label with Si Begg, and played live too – so this is wayyyy back. The reason we’re going back is just to locate where I am now in some kind of timeline. So 1992, 93, that’s what, sixteen years ago?

Sixteen years. That’s a generation – that means there are ravers just starting to go out to clubs now who weren’t born then.

Yeeees…. [chuckles warily] Yes, if you want to make me feel vertigo. I think the first time I felt a generational thing was when kids would come up to me in raves, in the clubs in Germany and they’d know the music through a mixtape their older brother had.

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