Xosar @ Guesthouse, București

Xosar @ Guesthouse, București

Xosar live!  ”like to surround myself with objects that give off positive energies. I have tiger statues, crystals… and books. I have a ton of books around me: books on the occult, shamanism, magic.” 
Sheela Rahman grew up in suburban San Jose but has since relocated to The Hague. „I’ve always been fascinated by the paranormal realm of existence,” she explains. „I take after my mother in that respect.” Rahman’s mother has long maintained a fascination with the otherworldly—she’s a member of a local paranormal society and claims to have psychic powers—although her father remains a „natural sceptic.”

Her rise to prominence has been swift: in less than a year she’s gone from a wholly unknown quantity to a regular on respected outlets such as L.I.E.S. and Rush Hour, with a signature sound that delivers machine soul through a prism of strange and wistful exoticism.

After studying neuropsychology at college, the lure of music proved too strong, and in her early 20s Rahman enrolled in a sound design course in nearby San Francisco, which she credits with „planting all the necessary seeds” for a career in production. Around this time, she also began to forge a promising sideline as a self-trained graphic designer. „I was bouncing back and forth between music and graphic design,” she says, „but I came to realise it was music I wanted to focus on.”


Polochord – live! / RO

Luger DJ / Chameleon / RO

Visuals: Dreamrec, Videogram / RO

Acces: 20 lei