Carl Craig [Interviu]

Cum începutul de săptămână este de multe ori anevoios vă recomandăm o lectură ușoară și foarte plăcută. Este vorba despre ultimul interviu cu Carl Craig realizat de către cei de la Juno.

Câteva citate:

“My personal  success is judged by how much emotion I can get out of something when I listen to it 10 years later. I’ve had a concept about how I want to make classic music; that is timeless, and if I can listen back to something and feel what I felt when I made it, then it’s definitely successful”

“I’ve never been a hugely competitive guy. feel it doesn’t work for my longevity to be extremely aggressive. You can start burning yourself  out – if you’re really trying to make music to better somebody else, rather than just make music to simply better yourself.”

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