DAY AND NIGHT TALES @ Cheile Vălișoarei

DAY AND NIGHT TALES @ Cheile Vălișoarei

For those of you who haven’t visited us yet,we’re glad that you will join us for the first time at DAY AND NIGHT TALES this season. An amazing night where the moon meets the magical forest,waiting to be decorated with our colourfull vibes. Sharing stories by the campfire when the sun will rise,having a beer with your friends,listening to good music,having a nice time in the magical forest.You will want to experience the magic of electronic music once again ! Eighteen hours non-stop music ,just around the corner!
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OWEN EZARD ( Konzentrisch Music Barcelona)

MAERTZ (Konzentrisch Music Barcelona)

MARCO YANES (Music On Ibiza)

MOVING ELEMENTS (Moving Records)

ANDREUS (Low Profile Frequencies)


DANNILOV (Story Board)

EDDY VARADI ( Smoking Sound)



Locația este în județul Alba la aproximativ 12km de orașul Aiud . Zona dispune de: parcare, camping, cazare, restaurant, NU este semnal la telefon.

Doors opening 12:00

40 lei 12:00-18:00
50 lei după 18:00

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